Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wrestling Time!!

Tonight is Andre's first Wrestling Practice!!!
Wish him luck back on the mat!
He has come far in under 2 months since his asthma attack!
I'll keep you updated.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In Case You Missed It..

Also be on the look out for Andre's Story Feature in The Fruita Times..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Press and Getting Back to Life

Andre went to the doctor in Denver this past Friday he is doing well and was released to wrestle!!
He will have to go back for a check up in three weeks.
He is being taken off the drug prednisone slowly.
Andre just did an update interview for 11 news check your local listings I believe it's on channel 9.
Also Andre's story will be told in a feature in Fruita Times so be looking out for that soon.
Thank You

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back To School!

Andre is doing much better, better than what he should.
He went to school for a couple of hours this week.
But Tomorrow marks his first official day back at school!
He will be attending all day with mom Candy for the week.
He is excited and ready to get back into his schedule.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Home Improving And Thank You's

Andre' is back and still doing great!!
He has been staying at both grandparents homes.
They are trying to get settled back at home but first had to do some cleaning to the house.
He is eating eating eating.
Andre' can't wait to get back to his normal self.
Yesterday he had Mer in a wrestling pin to where she was saying "ow!"
He is still on his medication and has a Doctor visit in Denver on Thursday.
He is on the look out for a new puppy to join him and the family.
He is looking for a Tea Cup Chihuahua which he loves.
I will continue and Update along the way until Andre's Full Recovery.

On behalf of the family they would like to Thank several following Companies/People:

Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center
St. Mary's Hospital
Fly'n Roosters
City Market
Donavon Otero
Bud's Signs Racing
Mesa Field Services
Sound Stage
No Fear
Junk Town Clothing
Hot Shot Tucker
JZ Safety
No Coast
U.S. Army
Monument Transportation 
Freeman's Barber Shop
Your Way Safety & Sign Supply
Rocky Mountain Wireline Service
Shelby's Photography
Kleen Sting
Monument Customs
Kim's CarQuest
Juice Stop
Top End Performance 
Big Willies Garage
Plating Specialties
Dunn-Rite Gourmet Beef Jerky
Car Barn
SSD inc.
GJ Scores 
Fine Line Productions Inc.
Superior Body Shop
95 Rock
Rail Head Super Shop
Tripnozzi Muscle Cars
Grand Central Liquors
State Farm Insurance 
KOOL 107.9 FM
Plaza Reprographics & Supply
Fiesta Guadalajara
Farmers Insurance 
Rhonda Pacheco

All the Family/Friends/ and People who didn't know Andre' that Donated.
Everyone who help with Donations and taking Time to help with Fundraisers. 
And Thank You to all and the one's I may have forgot to Thank.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome Back!!

Andre' is on his way back to his home Today!!
It has been a long 19 days but he is finally able to come home!
What a speedy recovery!
Andre' is still somewhat serious. Lee has received some strict regulations from the Doctor for Andre.
So he has asked IF you BEEN, ARE or FELT sick please not to come around Andre'.
The last thing we would want is him getting sick and needing to go back to the hospital.
From all of our Hearts THANK YOU to everyone who has helped during these times!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coming Home!! :)

I just got off the phone with lee.
And from the looks of it Andre will get to come home TOMORROW!!
Unless there is a minor set back but he is looking good.
He had his feeding tube taken out this morning.
He will still need to do lots of therapy. They are thinking of having an at home physical therapist.
When he is home he will still be on Valium and Methadone due to being heavily sedated.
So he will have to be wean off it.